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A buyers' guide to purchasing a digital air fryer


Written for Bristol Bites by Charlotte Davis


An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by turning warm air around the food. A mechanical fan quickly disperses the warm air around the food, cooks the food and forms a firm layer under the action of Maillard.

Air fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Imagine the aroma and texture of fried foods or unhealthy oil. If you are suspicious, it is easy to understand why.

Air frying cannot replace a frying pan or deep fryer, but the results are close enough. The fryers use superheated air to cook the food, instead of very hot fat. When distributing the air (heated to a temperature of 200C), foods like chips, poultry and fish are fried without oil. A battery and a fan in the unit generate heat and circulate the air around the cooking chamber. This ensures that no part of the food is spared: simple but very powerful. Foods cooked in a fryer are crisply fried, without the oil, unhealthiness, and fat associated with deep frying. The Farberware Digital Fryer reviews provide the following guidelines on what you should focus on when purchasing the best air fryer at the best price.


A warranty is important when you buy a home, kitchen or other appliance. If you have a good warranty for the product, you can use it without fear of failure. Most air fryers are guaranteed for 2 years. However, there is no reason to worry about the life of the fryers because they are designed for long life. Most fryer brands have service centres throughout the UK, and provide you with customer service numbers to find one.


Make sure the air fryer you choose has enough space or capacity for the size of your household. You don’t want to have to run through the cycle multiple times simply to provide a single meal for your family, so always choose a fryer based on its capacity.


There are many well-known brands in the UK that sell fryers: choose one of these and you’ll know they do not make concessions in terms of quality. Better quality guarantees better frying and you will have a longer lasting fryer. The secret to buying the best fryers is quality.


There are many fryers on the market today, with a huge variation in price. Some are expensive, others are cheap. You need to choose the best fryer for your budget, but the economical fryer may not last long. So it is better to add something else and get the best product. However, you should choose the price range best suited to your budget.


Some brands of fryers have developed better technologies to help you cook better and get impressive results. And all the fryers that contain the latest sophisticated technologies cost almost the same price. The technology of the air fryer can be in the form of digital displays, timers, thermal sensors, etc. To purchase the best fryer, make sure all appliances are up to date.


The reliability of low-fat fryers has recently been questioned. It is too early to judge because it is a relatively new technology. Tefal has had some problems, but Philips is too young to be discussed. However, most users seem to enjoy their purchase.


Convenience is an important factor when buying an air fryer. Cooking is done in minutes, you do not need to stay by the fryer, as you would if the food was fried in hot oil over a gas burner facing directly over the pan, which creates oily smoke and flue gases.

Automatic temperature control

You can put your food in to fry, and you can go somewhere else or relax on the sofa. Automatic temperature control and an automatic timer ensure that the food is cooked perfectly, and that the fryer switches off by itself. Even if food remains inside the fryer long after it has been stopped, it will not be burned in the fryer. This is due to the fact that the fryer has a lower specific heat capacity, which is transmitted to food when the power is turned off. Simply put, electric refrigeration components do not deposit heat because air freshener parts are light. Therefore, as soon as the main heating element is turned off, the parts of the fryer body do not heat up to burn the food inside.

Ability to get rid of unwanted aroma

An air fryer is an appliance that helps in preparing healthy foods and avoids unwanted aromas of fried foods in your home. So prepare low-fat meals with hot air circulation to cook ingredients from all angles. It not only fries but also helps to grill, and bake food. A fryer is convenient for working people, mothers and people who do not have much time to cook or to clean the products. It is not greasy and messy.

Cooling System

Overheated air in the pan should not scare you. Cooling systems are assigned to every unit in the fryer. The internal temperatures are controlled by fans whose installations are at the engine outlet. Durability and perfection of the fryer are guaranteed by the fan. Air reaches the bottom of the fryer by penetrating through various channels of the cooling structure.


The price is a consideration and you should look for the best price. Although Philips currently has the highest selling price, you can purchase this fryer at the same price as Tefal. If the price is important to you, De’Longhi is by far the cheapest of the known brands, but cooks only those foods that you’d cook in a deep fat fryer, and uses more oil.


The above are the best factors to consider when purchasing an air fryer. Following these factors will ensure you will end up with the right gadget to suit your needs. Features such as the cooling system and automatic temperature control are very important in ensuring your digital air fryer has a longer lifespan.


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