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These lovely, poetic street art murals will brighten your day.

Poet and street artist, Angry Dan, has been painting limericks all over London. You’ll find seven of his murals in situ at the moment, with most of them hiding in and around Shoreditch and Camden.

Each one takes hours of spray, brush and pen work, but the results are truly amazing. Angry Dan says, “I’ve been writing limericks for ages but only started drawing them a couple of years ago. I hadn’t really drawn since primary school, which is why they look they way they do. I met Lee Bofkin from Global Street Art, on Brick Lane, and he said I should have a go at painting one.”

“I’ve got a lot of personal history with London, especially Shoreditch and Camden. I feel like spending hours at these weird little spots has really helped me to reconnect with those parts of the city.”

“I get more inspiration from what’s going on around me, rather than other artists. Whether I’m walking around town, down the market, or on the tube, I’m always thinking up silly rhymes.”

Here are some of his fantastic murals (and where to find them*): 

📍 Stucley Place, Camden

Photo: @georgiehoole

📍 Miller Street, Camden

📍 Rivington Street, Shoreditch

📍 Old Gloucester Road, Holborn

📍 Leonard Street, Shoreditch

📍 Jealous Rooftop, Shoreditch

📍 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

📍 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

📍 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

*Of course we can’t guarantee that they’ll still be there if you go and hunt them down. That’s the nature of street art: takes bloody ages and then it just… goes.

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