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It’s almost 23 years (!) since the Spice Girls bounded into our lives, with debut single Wannabe. In the video, they steal from a homeless man (good old 90s, ay?) then spook upmarket folk, by jigging about on the Grand Staircase at St Pancras Renaissance.

Now, the hotel is offering fans five Spice Girls themed cocktails to slurp, including a Ginger Kick, Posh On The Rocks and the Bloody Scary — a mixture of chilli-infused mezcal with strawberry puree.

The Ginger Kick

The Baby Colada. It’s non-alcoholic

The hotel is also offering a Wannabe suite package, part of which includes a private photo shoot on the Grand Staircase. The fact that you need to book a night at the swanky hotel for this, suggests you’ll need to be one Posh Spice.

Otherwise, stick with the drinks — they start at £10.

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