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Starbucks will trial a coffee delivery service in London from the end of January.

The partnership with Uber Eats will deliver Starbucks goods from selected (as-yet unnamed) coffee shops in the city. Around 95% of shop items will be available for delivery (We predict a steep rise in the city’s blueberry muffin consumption.)

The London delivery trial follows others in the USA, China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. For once, London is waAaaay behind the rest of the pack.

The UK’s delivery market is said to be worth £4.2 billion.

A number of questions remain, which we’ve asked Starbucks but haven’t yet received a response on. How much will delivery cost? Will deliveries only be made on environmentally-friendly pedal bikes? What happens if my blueberry muffin crumbles in transit? WE NEED ANSWERS.

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