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The exterior of the stadium at night, which looks mighty impressive if you’re travelling through Tottenham by train.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium had an opening date of October 2018. At time of writing, January 2019, it’s still very much a work in progress. However things are developed enough to allow season ticket holders in for a ‘familiarisation’ event, which mainly consists of lots of people wandering around, looking quite happy and taking photos on their phones.

We went down to the East Stand event and got a look inside the premium seating area. Along the way, we conformed to the masses and happily snapped plenty of pics to share with you. Enjoy.

Fancy cup holders — for the fancy seats only.

This is the one-tier North stand, something the club has been keen to hype up.

Plush lounge area to hang out in.

What’s a football stadium without some infused oil?

The pints that fill up from the bottom.

Things clearly still aren’t finished.

Rumour has it that the sprinklers are one of the main causes of the stadium’s delays.

Scenes like these have us questioning the now-intended March 2019 opening date.

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