A gorgeous hidden courtyard in Victoria is hosting a chilled day party, ft. BBQ and jazz.

Picture a lovely summer’s day — the BBQ is on, you’ve got a nice cold beer in your hand, and the sound of jazz music is delighting your ears. Sounds ideal, right?

BBQ and Jazz

Sure, you could have a go at recreating this scenario in your back garden, but we’d like to bet that the tranquil surroundings of St. James’ Courtyard are a hell of a lot more appealing. Think about it: you can just rock up without having to stress about undercooking the sausages, or whether there’s enough potato salad to go round. With a ticket to this celebration of BBQ and jazz, you can chill. Relax. Know that it’s all out of your hands.

BBQ and Jazz

On Sunday, June 23rd, Fever are hosting the dreamiest summer party in the dreamiest setting. And, yep, you guessed it: there’ll be smokin’ BBQ grub, wonderful live jazz, and beers and cocktails to boot.

BBQ and Jazz

Meat eaters will be fed a massive Surf And Turf Mixed Grill Platter which features: Texan chicken drumsticks with blue cheese topping; spicy grilled fish fillets with coconut chutney; a Chermoula grilled lamb slider in a sesame charcoal brioche; a buttered corn on the cob; a jacket potato with jalapeño prawn cocktail; and spring greens.

BBQ and Jazz

Alternatively, veggies can enjoy a Vegetarian Mix Platter, which comes with: BBQ grilled paneer wraps with mint chutney; gruyere & truffle baked cauliflower parcels; grilled harissa-marinated vegetable skewers; a buttered corn on the cob; a jacket potato with jalapeño and cucumber cocktail; and spring greens.

BBQ and Jazz

Tickets start from £20 and include a grill platter and a welcome beer, or you can find seven friends and nab the 8-person VIP group ticket, which adds a bottle of bubbly and a dessert platter to the mix.

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