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Just when you think crazy golf can’t get any crazier, Plonk go and launch another BYOB course in the heart of Shoreditch.

Bringing together the very best of their course designs, Plonk Shoreditch is their most playful venue yet. All nine holes are set within a twisting labyrinth of tropical fauna and neon murals, with secret tunnels, ramps and routes.

Plonk Golf

Combining crazy golf with both physical and mental challenges, Plonk Shoreditch is like nothing you’ve tried before. Expect frustration in the form of tricky angles, ball balancing and hidden holes. You’ll certainly need your ‘A’ game, a prime level of ingenuity, and some impeccable coordination… all of which is made a hell of a lot harder by the BYOB policy, of course.

Just like their Camden venue, Plonk Shoreditch is ‘Bring Your Own Drinks’ — so the real challenge is trying to navigate the already tricky course after several beers. So, make sure you pop to a local offy before you putt your stuff.

Tickets start at £15 and you can purchase them here.

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