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Zoo Nights at ZSL London Zoo might traditionally be a baby-free zone but that rule only applies to humans.

And this summer, there are plenty of fresh and furry-faced miniature arrivals just waiting to say hello at this adults-only, chilled out event.

Even if you’re a seasoned zoo-goer there’s one new arrival that you likely won’t have cooed at yet: a new baby sloth. Elio, an adorable two-toed sloth, was born late last month and can be spotted munching on its favourite carrots at Zoo Nights. The rainforest really comes alive in the evenings and you’ll also be able to admire the cute family of tamanduas in there (including two babies born last year).


But that’s not all: keep your eyes peeled to spot the new bush baby babies (yes, that’s actually what they’re called) and two squirrel monkey babies.


Zoo Nights is your best chance to see some of your favourite animals in a whole new light. As the sun goes down, you might even be able to hear Bhanu the lion roar before he puts his head down for the night. There’s an exclusive lion talk going on at Zoo Nights, too, which you won’t find during a traditional daytime visit.


No matter which animal’s your favourite, you’ll find a Zoo Nights at ZSL London Zoo talk telling you everything you ever wanted to know. Meet The Pigs at the Farmyard or head over to Penguin Beach to watch these animals enjoy their supper. Go Into Africa to see the giraffes digging into their dinner or get up close with the owls in a meet and greet session. If tigers are more your thing, wander over to Tiger Territory or if you’re a fan of creatures great and small, Megabugs might be the talk you’re looking for.


Of course, because it’s Zoo Nights, you’ll find two more exclusive tours going on every Friday: Buy a ticket to “The Birds and The Bees” to learn about all the mysteries of reproduction in the animal kingdom or “You’ll never see a moon-walking emu” for a jam-packed session of fascinating animal facts.


While you’re there, ‘wolf’ down some scrumptious snacks at the world food market (we’re talking waffles, burgers and veggie delights) and get cosy over by B.U.G.S for a live and unplugged (or should that be ‘unbugged’?) chilled acoustic session.

Zoo Nights at ZSL London Zoo run on Friday evenings until July 26. Tickets are £19.95 and can be purchased here. 18+ only. For more information, head to ZSL’s website.

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